Installing Home Assistant OS (HASSio) in ESXi

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  1. Tamadite says:

    The referred page for the .vmdk file has changed. You can now link it directly to
    The .ova file can be got here
    For some reason I don’t get the VM machine to boot from the disk. I have tried with version 5.9 and the latest available 5.12 following all herein indicated steps without success. I’m using ESXi 7.0 in evaluation mode (180-day license).

    • Jamie says:

      Now that they’ve made a proper .ova file available, all you need to do is click the “Create / Register VM” button and select the “Deploy a virtual machine from an OVF or OVA file”. The wizard will then ask you where you want to store the VM files and will allow you to configure the network. The downloaded OVA file will be uploaded at the end of the wizard and if you left it selected, the machine will auto-boot when complete. It has now made this guide somewhat irrelevant as you shouldn’t need to adjust anything, beyond configuring the number of CPU cores and allocated memory.

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